Blog Catherine Chabrun More Conferences in Oslo, political triggers, 1st November 1936 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun on 08/08/15 – 3:25 p.m.

Blog Catherine Chabrun 1 comment Read more practically Shaping the new Plan of French Studies, December 15, 1936 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 14/08/15 – 10:28 The pioneering work of the last ten years is to continue and develop to build commitment of the vast mass of educators and train all French School must become efficient, more suited to contemporary society and experienced technical permit. It is important that the movement is as one that can help teachers in educational change of will to prevent them definitively abandoned before the first obstacles. Freinet said that the problem of acquisition is not underestimated, but the procedures performed do not allow knowledge to hang on to the individual and therefore evaporate very quickly. The establishment of a “Work Plan” proves essential to prepare for a major consultation with former students and parents, not to mention the actors of society (major human groups, unions, cooperatives, entrepreneurs …) . To articulate the interests, individual work plans for children and what is essential to know, annual work plans by discipline and level of education will be developed. They will guide the students and teachers in their personal journeys. It is also a call at work because it Studies Plan must be a collective work. Blog Catherine Chabrun More must break the deadlock, November 15, 1936 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 13/08/15 – 24:44 Introduction of Freinet two items number on the school radio and physical education at school. Already this fact: the contradiction between the interests of teachers for encyclopedic knowledge and strength of youth in the grip of school burnout. Time to learn unhurried Gone, textbooks are increasingly extensive and cumbersome to follow expanded programs for new materials. The first victim is the child who works without looking up at the chain. Educate, train does not stop at the end of schooling, we learn throughout life, but if the child has learned the basic techniques in the time of his schooling. The company has changed the means of dissemination as well. Freinet ask the people’s government to modernize the organization and techniques of the popular school dating back a century. This is urgent, because the danger of a school reorganization with militarist techniques to oust the emancipatory principles of popular school is not ruled out … The new French Education Plan is a must! To contribute to the “regeneration” of the popular school, the movement has spread its “key ideas” to “move the world”. Blog Catherine Chabrun More For a new Plan of French Studies, October 15, 1936 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun on 12/08/15 – 8:36 A special issue of the Educator Proletarian: the draft submitted immediate outputs the Minister of Education, the Deputies of the Popular Front and educational organizations. The victory of the Popular Front nourishes hopes some renovation of the school. An important event: August 9, 1936 Jean Zay extends compulsory education until the age of 14. The movement of Printing at the school and all the New Education must seize this opportunity and offer their research, experiments and achievements in the renovation of the school approached. Blog Catherine Chabrun More Our real face, June 25, 1936 Blog of Catherine the personal Chabrun 11/08/15 – 10:03 Between “communist,” “Bolshevik,” “bourgeois” and “petty bourgeois”, the movement has experienced three years of political representations caricatured by the methods, events and political organizations. Freinet it do my it homework
important not to exculpate himself, but to show the “true face” of the movement, it is truly in its principles and achievements. In the new school and popular education, confidence in the child is such that it is impossible to impose beliefs and opinions. On the contrary, everything is done to the child build his personality and culture. Secularism without being named is there. It feels like even bitterness toward some of silence, called avant-garde that have not lifted their little finger or took their pen! We also feel the need to justify a creative Freinet pedagogy, revolutionary and emancipatory among activists, but also parents, to all workers and peasants so that they understand the actions of the movement and support and disseminate. Nevertheless, hope remains very present “Forward! “Concludes the article. Blog Catherine Chabrun More Conferences in Oslo, political triggers, 1st November 1936 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun on 08/08/15 – 3:25 p.m. Freinet returned from a trip to Norway: Conference at the University of Oslo and a course every night to introduce teachers to the technique of printing. This is the boat that brought him back he wrote the notes for the article “The global distribution of our technology” an extract of which is reproduced below. This course has been a great success: “It’s this course essentially different theoretical lectures more or less prominent professors are sometimes referred to not that our technique, and especially our achievements, not currently allow long controversy psychological and pedagogical. We will soon have to be done in these areas. But our new educational ideas ought not made out any theoretical speculation; they must be the result of a work of art which, by changing the reports between social, school, children and educators, disrupts the teachings of scholastic twenty centuries. It is this technique work is the subsequent need for these new reports we apply especially to arouse, in the practice of our classes. “The day after the arrival of Freinet scandal in Oslo! The reaction published an article in a fascist newspaper. A so-called interview – conducted with “copy and paste” articles Educator Proletarian – where motion says do politics in school and prepare for his teaching revolution. Freinet then reaffirms the aims of a popular and liberating pedagogy, respectful children by refusing any dogmatic and ideological education. The teachers are citizens, and it is their responsibility to be among the most clear-sighted, especially in a dark time. Blog Catherine Chabrun More For a deep new pedagogy action in France, 1st November 1936 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 08/08/15 – 11:26 A call Freinet for members to actively participate in the French Group of New education. By joining research projects on the main principles of new pedagogy. By creating local groups to interested teachers to new education and become, if not members, at least sympathetic to the Printing School. In this issue, proposals for action of a militant, Pouget, to sensitize parents to the New Education. Blog Catherine Chabrun Read more C.E.P.E. and educational reform at the Nice Congress, May 1, 1937 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 08/08/15 – 11:05 First day report, third night session and last point. Blog Catherine Chabrun More Coup year-end eye and tasks ahead, July 15, 1937 Blog of Catherine Chabrun the personal 08/06/15 – 10:52 A review of the year that very judge Freinet satisfactory. The movement has exceeded for the majority of teachers, the only use of printing objectives in classrooms, it has become a recognized player in the renovation of the school so that it meets the needs of children of course, but also the needs of modern society. Daily technical achievements of Printing at the School are increasingly known and monitored and used to dream the popular school and new school. Freinet carries much hope in the young teacher he is very sensitive to the proposals of the movement.

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